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L 5618-145 Guide des tailles

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18 €

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Pour un look professionnel, moderne et élégant, optez pour les Axis. Cette monture ultra masculine tient son caractère de ses verres rectangulaires et demi-cerclés. Son pont nasal droit et ses larges branches striées ajoutent encore à son charme. Conçue en métal premium noir, elle est légère et équipée de charnières flexibles pour vous assurer un grand confort.

14 Jours Garantie Style, Taille et Correction

Remplacement et retour gratuit, sans justification à donner

Types de verres disponibles pour cette monture

  • Verres unifocauxInclus
  • Verres bifocaux27 €
  • Progressive Lenses46 €
  • Sans correction Inclus

Info produit

  • Taille:Large
  • Poids : 22g
  • Les montures EBD sont pesées sans les verres. Les montures légères ont un poids égal ou inférieur à 15 grammes. Les autres montures ont un poids égal ou supérieur à 16 grammes.

  • Matériau : Métal
  • Autres caractéristiques : Charnières flexibles

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  • As promised, in and out.

    John N. on April 11, 2016 Couleur: Gunmetal; Taille: L

    Granted, it had been awhile since I had a prescription filled. One of my first impressions upon donning these things was how much HDTV made everything pop. While Zenni came in a little cheaper, EyeBuyDirect came with a year's warranty, a no hassle return policy, and a simple order form. So, we'll see how they hold up, if they fog up, what have you, but from everything I read before I went with these guys, it was hard to find a bad word in any review. I'm planning to have a second set made to accommodate a work station. For a comparison, my optometrist offered a comparable pair that came in at almost 4 times the cost.

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    lester w G. jr on August 07, 2016 Couleur: Gunmetal; Taille: L

    Your organization delivered a high quality product that anyone would be proud to wear. I will be back for future needs, GOOD JOB PEOPLE.

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  • Customer

    Jana-Marie S. on July 10, 2016 Couleur: Black; Taille: L

    Get service for those whom want to save money and time. Service was excellent and I would purchase again in the future. Thanks the glasses were perfect in every aspect.:)

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  • Customer

    Paul S. on May 11, 2016 Couleur: Gunmetal; Taille: L

    Very pleased with communication updates and service.

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  • No problem

    Mitchell B. on September 07, 2017 Couleur: Black; Taille: L

    Frames fit great!! I'm trying to get my wife to get an eye exam so we can get her a pair. Also the price was great!!

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Noir Axis -  Métal Lunettes de Vue

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  • Axis - men model image Plein écran

  • Axis - men model image Plein écran

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