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M 5020-140 Guide des tailles

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Cette monture au look minimaliste laisse à vos yeux toute l'attention qu'ils méritent. Ses verres ovales et percés sont reliés par un pont nasal au look moderne. Le design de ses branches ajoute encore à son caractère. Conçue en métal gris argent de qualité supérieure, elle est équipée de plaquettes nasales ajustables et revêtue d'acétate aux extrémités des branches pour votre plus grand confort.

14 Jours Garantie Style, Taille et Correction

Remplacement et retour gratuit, sans justification à donner

Types de verres disponibles pour cette monture

  • Verres unifocauxInclus
  • Verres bifocaux27 €
  • Verres Progressifs46 €
  • Sans correction Inclus

Info produit

  • Taille:Medium
  • Poids : 10g - Légères
  • Les montures EBD sont pesées sans les verres. Les montures légères ont un poids égal ou inférieur à 15 grammes. Les autres montures ont un poids égal ou supérieur à 16 grammes.

  • Matériau : Métal

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  • Ample rimless specs with classic aesthetic

    on July 27, 2016 Couleur: Matte Silver; Taille: S

    This is my first time buying from Eyebuydirect. I wanted something a bit different than what you usually see people wearing, and I wanted rimless, and I went with these. I have a hard time finding glasses that fit my face. I put in my Rx specs and pupil measurement and they actually fit my face really well, maybe better than any pair I've had before. The anti-reflective coating causes most light reflections to appear a neon green on the lens, and to me that's new, but a weird plus. The faux-wood temples are a unique touch that compliment the matte silver, and all of the parts look good and seem to be pretty durable. My only issue so far is that the left temple sometimes rubs the top of my ear in a very slightly uncomfortable way, but it's not hardly noticeable and might only affect me this way because of the way my face is shaped. Overall, I'm very happy with them. The price came to $42 including frames, basic lenses, and shipping, that is a REALLY good value for this price. It really makes a mockery of what you usually have to pay for specs through other companies.

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  • Fantastic Quality for the price

    on December 01, 2016 Couleur: Matte Silver; Taille: S

    I have about 20 pairs of glasses from Eye Buy Direct - they hold up forever, are great quality and the company has great customer service. You can't beat the price

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  • Nice frames

    on January 04, 2017 Couleur: Bronze; Taille: M

    Love the frame. The rounder glasses are big enough you can look around and still see through them. The rimless frames are very light and keep the glasses in the background, not very noticeable. Great find.

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Argent Fuse -  Légères Métal Lunettes de Vue

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  • Fuse - men model image Plein écran

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