New Bedford

Mat Gris with SightRelax

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80 € 1.59 Polycarbonate SightRelax lenses included

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You will ooze suave sophistication in these New Bedford eyeglasses. A classic gray design that combines refined taste and timeless style, the frame's delicate, slim temples are balanced by the full-rim lenses, whose smooth, oval contours and chunky lens borders add a trendy twist. And as an acetate frame with spring hinges, New Bedford is also super durable, flexible and comfortable.


  • Taille: Medium | 51 18-135 Voir les dimensions
  • Couleur: Mat Gris
  • Poids : 17g
  • Les montures EBD sont pesées sans les verres. Les montures légères ont un poids égal ou inférieur à 15 grammes. Les autres montures ont un poids égal ou supérieur à 16 grammes.

  • Matériau : Acétate
  • Shape: Ovale
  • Autres caractéristiques: charnières à ressort

Verres SightRelax Inclus:

  • Monture

  • SightRelax Lenses

    • Traitement précision anti lumière bleue
    • Reading enhancements
    • Traitement anti-UV
    • Anti-Rayure
    • Traitement anti-reflets
    • Traitement hydrofuge
    • Anti-Salissure
    • Anti-poussière
    • Nettoyage facile
Quels sont les bénéfices SightRelax Lenses?
SightRelax helps to alleviate digital fatigue and protect your eyes. Its specially engineered reading enhancements help reduce eyestrain caused by small text on screens, while a blue light filter shields your vision from harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital devices.

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Abby L. - Faded Rose - oval - acetate Samantha F. - Black - oval - acetate Jessica T. - Faded Rose - oval - acetate Robin C. K. - Faded Rose - oval - acetate Belmary R. - Faded Rose - oval - acetate Donna H. B. - Faded Rose - oval - acetate
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  • Title

    Couleur: Black; Taille: S

    they were very good. However if there is a negative, I would like to see more pictures of the glasses on different kinds of face shapes to get a better understanding. I know that you want every pair of glasses to look great on someone so that people buy it. If they are on your site, they know they want to buy from here because it is extremely affordable, and easy to navigate on your site. Giving people a better understanding of shapes and sizes for their faces would help them make w better decision leading to much more satisfaction on the customer side and excellent reviews on your side.

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  • I Get So Many Compliments, My Friends Are Getting Annoyed.

    Couleur: Faded Rose; Taille: S

    I bought these frames a year ago, and I still get compliments on them all the time. It happens so often my friends have started rolling their eyes upon hearing, “Oh my gosh, I love your glasses!” They were incredibly priced and have held up so well after a year of wear. Highly recommend!

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    Abby L. - Faded Rose - oval - acetate

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  • Nice Frame for Small Face

    Couleur: Black; Taille: S

    These are great because I get the style of round glasses but for my small face they don’t look overly big. I wish the frame wasn’t as thick but overall I like them.

    Samantha F. - Black - oval - acetate

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  • Easy and affordable

    Couleur: Tortoise; Taille: S

    I purchased my third pair of progressive lens glasses from eye buy direct. The process couldn't be easier, the glasses are perfect and have a very nice quality appearance. And best of all they were only 80.00, as opposed to $450 at the local places!

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    • New Bedford Mat Gris Acétate Montures de Lunettes pour Femmes d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue de Face

    • New Bedford Mat Gris Acétate Montures de Lunettes pour Femmes d'EyeBuyDirect

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