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Pour un look tendance que vous envieront tous les marins, ajoutez ces solaires à votre collection. Cette monture aux formes papillons est en acétate bleu nuit avec finition matte.

14 Jours Garantie Style, Taille et Correction

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  • Taille:Large
  • Poids : 22g
  • Les montures EBD sont pesées sans les verres. Les montures légères ont un poids égal ou inférieur à 15 grammes. Les autres montures ont un poids égal ou supérieur à 16 grammes.

  • Matériau : Plastique

Cette monture est notée 4.5 sur une base de 10 commentaires

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  • Nice sunglasses

    Sarah L. on March 23, 2016 Couleur: Floral; Taille: L

    I liked these sunglasses quite a bit. My only complaint is the lenses I selected. I chose the gradient ones, that fade from dark to light. But I wasn't aware they would fade from dark all the way to completely clear. Not the best for sunglasses, and not what I expected from the picture of the gradient lenses. But the frames themselves are great. I'd order again, but would select no gradient!

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  • Great experience

    Darlinda H. on May 17, 2016 Couleur: Matte Navy; Taille: L

    I purchased my sunglasses from here and had a great experience. This was my first time ever getting prescription glasses online. There were no issues with the prescription and the glasses arrived sooner than I expected. I plan on purchasing another pair soon.

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  • Las amo!

    Helen A. on December 03, 2016 Couleur: Floral; Taille: L

    Son identicas a la foto. Perfectas. El color me encanta. El tamaño perfecto. Las mias son connreceta medica y las amo

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  • Awesome

    Jennifer K. on March 08, 2016 Couleur: Matte Brown; Taille: L

    speedy service, love my shades!

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  • glasses ok, service phenomenal

    Frances O. on January 25, 2016 Couleur: Floral; Taille: L

    I ordered three pairs of glasses from EyeBuyDirect for about the price I would usually pair for one pair of glasses at the boutique I usually get relatively low cost prescription glasses in cute frames. I don't really love the frames/ glasses yet-- sometimes it take a while for me to start to really appreciate a new frame-- but I just really loved the customer service. I didn't get my glasses after about two weeks, and called to see what was up. When I spoke with a representative on the phone and let them know the issue-- I needed glasses to wear for the start of a new semester at school-- the sales representative/ customer service agent replaced the order and I received the glasses I needed in time for class. I know I will try more frames because the prices allow me to build a wardrobe of glasses that go with my life and moods and I just really appreciated the how and when I received my order mattered. I am giving four stars because I think a nice glasses hard case can really make a huge difference for keeping your glasses nice structure wise and scratch free. I will use old cases I have at home, but being able to order a nice case or even better- having one included would def up the awesome from this experience. thanks again!

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Matte Navy Elena -  Plastique Solaires

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  • Elena - men model image Plein écran

  • Elena - men model image Plein écran

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